Day 2: 250 miles- 800mi total/ 2,116mi of trail remaining.

Hey…. sooooo…. I am riding 2,700 miles off road from Mexico to flippin Canada through the Rockies… annnd it is amazing. It’s day two and I was really starting to get my groove. The bike and trail are starting to feel like home. It’s amazing that this ride still exists and hasnt disappeared or been paved over. If you have thought about doing it, stop thinking… toss a tent on your bike and go. I’m having a blast and couldn’t be happier!

I left camp in the dark at 6a today. Took everything down in the rain and a 42° temp. It’s been raining for the last 36 hours and both my gear and I are soaked through and frozen. But the rain has been incredible in its own way… it brightens all senses… it smells great, freezes your butt and makes the NM clay and mud slick as can be so the sense of touch is heightened when you slam your bike down 🙂

I’m only averaging one bike drop per day which I’m pretty OK with.

Saw tons of wildlife today. Lots of deer in the a.m.,  I saw what i think was an Antelope, a mtn goat and boatloads of suicidal jack rabbits (instinct tells them to zigzag in front of prey… this is NOT a sound strategy for running from Michelins flying down a mud road).

After an awesome day off road I popped into Grants NM around 330p for some food. While eating, I began to dry out and warm up. When I stepped back out into the cold and rain I decided drying and thawing my gear annnnd me in a hotel room was going to happen.

I roasted my rear tire a bit more than expected heading to Mexico from Phoenix yesterday so I may keep an eye out for a cycle shop near the trail tomorrow. Hoping for another 200+ tomorrow and to cross into CO by Friday morning! Right now my only agenda is to try to be up in Fort Collins by Monday for beers and moto maintenence at my buddy Brett’s place!

I have some pretty great video that I’ll upload soon. My laptop is dead and I left my charger behind. Any ideas of where a Best Buy is in the wilderness of northern New Mexico?

You can also follow me on google maps real time!




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