Day 1: 550miles (so far)

The day started a bit later than expected but was still on the road by 3am. 350 miles were pavement and the last 200 have been off road. I didn’t think to check the weather before heading out (byproduct of living in Phoenix) and have been getting dumped on from the remnants of Hurricane Newton. Leaving on a trip in Sept to ride to Canada on a trail that is mostly 8000ft+ altitude is going to make for a chilly and wet trip. Any bets on when I see snow first?

I have “get-there-itis” in life… so I am trying really hard to take this trip casually and live outside the helmet.  I stopped to talk to a group of cyclists who are just finishing their Continental Divide ride. The group started out with 20 and there are four remaining. They’re on day 62 with only about a hundred miles left of the 2700 mile journey. Every time I start feeling like i’m pushing it far enough, I meet someone who reminds me what bad ass looks like and here I am sitting at the kiddie table… these guys are amazing! I asked them to pull up the site and I hope they find it- message me if you do!

Heading up into the Apache Range to find a spot to setup camp.

Follow me real time (Updated in 10 min increments):


7 thoughts on “Day 1: 550miles (so far)

  1. Brent, It looks terrific. I hope the weather doesn’t prove to be too challenging! Be careful and yo will make it. I envy you!!


  2. Brent, I sure wish you well on your trip. Would love to do it sometime but not sure the Hog would be the bike to do it on. Good luck and I’m sure you will be fine.

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