Day 3: 300mi, 200 on trail.

Today was an amazing day of riding followed by a really crappy motorcycle dealership experience and then a really good one.

Don’t go to Santa Fe Motor Sports in Santa Fe NM if you need anything on the Con Divide ride. I rode 50 miles on road out of the way to see if they could hook me up with a quick tire change for the rear. Long story short… they are terrible. If you want to know why check it out on the Yelp review.

So if you need help… Do go to R&S West down in Albuquerque. I called, told the Service Manager what was going on and he tells me to head down. I have a couple traffic issues on he way so they are literally closing up when I get there, but they bring me to the tire section I pick out some Dunlop 606s and they tell me they will get em on asap when they open in the morning and then refer me to a hotel down the street and a place to eat. I thought about just buying the tires and spooning them on in the parking lot… but it was 6p, I was tired and sweaty and the area didn’t look so swell. Soooo when you are on your ride… go to R&S.

The riding was great! Todays sections were amazing and the best so far! I covered about 220 miles off road from Grants NM to Abiquiu NM. There were really three different sections… the first was all open canyon land area including the first of several single track sections (think mtn bike trail but on a 500lb bike), second was pine covered national forest and the third was about 45 miles of very rocky and challenging double track with some slick rock thrown in… I have been passing a group of four riders on a BMW, two Triumphs and a KTM each day. Yesterday they were fixing a flat and today they were turning around as the trail was getting really rocky and very very vertical… I happened to catch them on video turning around (I can’t say i blame them… it was probably the right call even though it doesn’t look challenging in the video).

Weather was amazing and I was toasty all day.

Wildlife today was a huge fetch of gophers, a wild mustang (video included), tons of cows and a jackass at Santa Fe Motorsports.

Tomorrow is going to have to be a big day… tires on the bike… 110 miles of freeway and then going to still try to get 200 miles of trail in. May not have time for an update tomorrow.

Group calls it quits:


Morning of Day 2:

Morning  of Day 3- Canyons


6 thoughts on “Day 3: 300mi, 200 on trail.

  1. Incredible looking. I hate when you go to a shop like that. Hopefully this morning will be great and you will be back on your way. The land north of Albuquerque is spectacular looking from a car and a hot air balloon. Should be great on a bike.

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