Day 11- 320mi-3,030mi total – 295mi to Canada

Today I rode from Island Park ID to Lincoln MT. Today was either on the gas or getting gas…I am trying to beat a forecasted snow storm in Canada supposedly hitting Tuesday.

The morning started off cold and foggy… in the mid 30s until about 10-11a and then it was perfect riding weather 60s-70s. The cold and fog made for some cool pics though.20160916_08364020160916_090142

This is my first time in Montana… I love it. It’s Colorado without the development and the crowds.


There are old mines all over Montana but compared to the abandon mines from the 1800s in CO and AZ, these are huge 4-5 level structures.

Don’t serve these guys… they’re miners


Tonight I’m crashing in Lincoln, MT. I was going to camp, but I have a sweet room at the Lincoln Log Hotel for $62… who needs to freeze in a tent?

If everything cooperates, I may hit the border tomorrow night. Track me live at:


One thought on “Day 11- 320mi-3,030mi total – 295mi to Canada

  1. Awesome pics! Good old country roads and lots of history. Love the rustic feel of Lincoln Log Hotel. Looks like real Lincoln Logs too. Stay warm and enjoy the next ride. So cool! 🏍🍺


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