Yesterday Day 10- 250mi  – 2700mi total trip- 695mi to Canadian border

Yesterday I rode from Pinedale WY to Island Park ID through the Tetons and Yellowstone. It was mostly a cold overcast day (with snow) but still had some great riding and awesome views.

The day started late… I was ready to go at 6:30, but the DR wasn’t. It was 29° out and carbureted bikes don’t like starting when it’s that cold. While I was loading the bike, Jim walked over and started talking to me. He is a forest ranger in WA. Jim and his brother spent 2006 backpacking Chile and Argentina he had some intersting stories. At 9am and 37° (DR sitting in the sun) I was able to head out.

Within the first 50 miles of trail it started snowing. I missed the heavy snow but it sounds like surrounding areas received 4-5 inches. The tops of the Tetons were already loaded with fresh snow. 

With about 60 miles behind me, I rounded a bend in the trail and an adolescent moose (it didn’t have a fully developed rack) and I startled each other. I have never had something that large jump infront of me. There were also several more elk and antelope today. The big animals are out and prepping for winter. 

The Tetons were amazing. This trip is all about the ride but I am definately coming back to hike and climb. 

Yellowstone had some great views but the wildfire that’s been burning since July has burnt out over 20,000 acres. They had just reopened the sections I rode through after they burned on Sunday. It was nothing but ash and charred trees. I did swing by and patiently wait for Old Faithful… checked that box… but probably don’t need to go back again. 

I setup shop last night on the bank of Lake Henry in Island Park ID after making a questionable call on what to have for dinner. It’s a pretty fantastic spot to spend the night.

So… it’s 630a… but only 31° so I’m waiting on the sun so I can get the DR fired up.

The sections I plan to cover today:


8 thoughts on “Yesterday Day 10- 250mi  – 2700mi total trip- 695mi to Canadian border

  1. Thanks Karl! I’ll make it. It’s supposed to get into the 60s here today but they’re calling for “real” snow between Banff and Montana on Tuesday. I can handle snow… but if they break the snow plows out I’m in trouble.


  2. Awesome shots of the mountains and Old Faithful. Crisp clear day but a bit chilly for me. Food truck in the middle of it all. Go figure. Have a great ride today and enjoy yourself. I know you are and thanks so much for sharing this great experience. Love it!

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  3. One picture looks like it was taken near West Yellowstone along the river, it looks like the campground we stayed at last year and had bison wandering through our campsite. I could have shown you the same picture of Old Faithful. Not to be missed if you are in Yellowstone, but once is enough. Have a safe day.

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  4. Great ride, really would love to do it. Sold my DR and the Wing. Mark Faith and I are down to the V-Stroms now. Still love to ride but age takes a toll. Keep up the good work. Remember rounding a turn on Chef Hwy from Glacier into Canada one morning and finding the road and woods around cover in Buffalo. Finally just gently rode through them. Had no idea what to do otherwise.

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    1. Thanks Irv! It’d be good to have you on the ride. I’ll tell ya though… 200-300 a day offroad is beating the heck out of me! I’ll keep an eye out for buffalo today as I head through glacier.


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