Day 13-360mi – 3,581 total – 0 remaining

Yesterday I rode Glacier National Park and crossed the border. While still sick, I was enjoying the Canadian riding so much that I just decided to keep going. I arrived in the Banff area around 7:30 and setup in town. What a beautiful area filled with awkwardly nice people.

When all was said and done, I spent 89 hours and 58 minutes, 3,581 miles (all but about 500 off road) and averaged 38 mph riding. Off road riding  is pretty physical and I was burning between 3,800 to 6,000 calories per day.

I am going to cheat a bit and not update everyone on everything today because I want to get out and enjoy a day of exploring and hiking the area. I have some pretty great pics of yesterdays ride, but I took them on my business phone and I am not sure its setup with an international plan… so I will upload those once I have crossed back over. Until then I have uploaded some videos for ya.

The website- So from the first couple days of the trip, the site was getting 1,000+views a day from 11 countries. I wasn’t expecting that but am glad you enjoyed checking in! To be noted… you all seem to prefer to follow along while you are at work as M-F the views were significantly higher than Sat and Sunday (shame on you but I wont tell I promise).

Next- I am playing in Banff today. I head to Montana tomorrow early morning to a fed ex location that I had some road tires shipped to. I will spoon those suckers on and then begin the 1700 mile freeway ride home (dreading it on a dirt bike). Once back (I don’t want to jinx it before I get back) I will update with some overall notes, thoughts and take aways from the trip. I will also do an update on my gear, bike and mods to the bike as I have been getting a lot of one off questions about them. I may also hint at what next years big ride might be…



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Representing the Badgers in Banff. Met six other Badgers going up the mtn. On Wisconsin!!



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