Day 9 450mi /300mi on trail – 950miles of trail to the border.

This morning I left Fort Collins in the fog and rain and fought both all day. As soon as I headed into the mtns the temp dropped to high 30s and 40s and stayed there all day. I am not warm.

Today’s sections of trail (from Steamboat to Pinedale) were mostly flat double track or gravel roads and didnt have anything too exciting. Except for anyone who’s a Tremors fan:

Late afternoon I crossed over the Oregon Trail… and even though its the wrong direction, I couldn’t resist and I rode it for several miles. It is a protected landmark (you’re still allowed to ride it) in Wyoming so it is as it was 150 years ago…an unimproved mud track.  It turns out the same reason today was kind of boring is why it made the best spot to head west in the 1800s, its the flatest spot to cross the Continental Divide (but still at an elevation of 7500-9000ft)

Was on the Oregon Trail and didnt die from dysentery or a snake bite!

I don’t think I have seen Antelope before, but they are everywhere out here. They are skittish but very curious. Every time I would ride up on a group, they would bounce off as quickly as possible until they were at the crest of the next hill and then they would stop… turn around and watch me slowly roll by.
Tonight I am setting up shop in Pinedale, WY. I knocked out two big sections today and tomorrow I head into the Tetons and then possibly towards Yellowstone. Its getting seriously cold and Banff is still about 800 miles North. I have no doubt I will be riding sections in snow soon.

Tomorrow’s initial route:

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7 thoughts on “Day 9 450mi /300mi on trail – 950miles of trail to the border.

  1. 2 days ago I started looking at your pics online. I had never heard of this excursion but that same day I was speaking to an older man and he told me this trip was on his bucket list. So I told him about you. He said “good for him!” You’re living not only your dreams but someone else’s too! Have fun! Be safe!

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  2. Holy cow snow? Antelope? To cool! What an amazing journey! I know you maybe cold but just think of all of us southern folk sweating our buts off still in 100% humidity! Safe journey my friend can’t wait for the next update!

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  3. So jealous! Well…mostly jealous, the pictures have been amazing but not sure I could deal with the rain and cold. Glad to see you are able to embrace and enjoy all parts of the journey.

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  4. Just caught up to on your speedy travels and proud of you for sharing the journey with many others who will never experience such wild solo adventurous tales! Keep it up this life was meant to be jam packed and full of crazy stories of a life lived passionately! Stay safe and may the sun and moon guide you home Mr. B!


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