Days 5 &6 430 mi 1,781 total 1,447 mi trail remaining

20160911_09433820160910_19064320160910_182729This weekend I rode from Del Norte, CO to Breckenridge, CO. I hit my first wicked single track (video below) as well as hung out in Crested Butte with my buddy Dan. I took the morning off and mtn biked trail 401 in CB with Dan. Trail 401 has a reputation as one of the prime bike trails in the country. It was a great ride!

Tomorrow is a big day on the moto, I am back on the trail and will hop off of it in Steamboat to head east to hang out in Fort Collins for a day for some motorcycle maintenance.




Schofield Pass:


Pass to Breckenridge



3 thoughts on “Days 5 &6 430 mi 1,781 total 1,447 mi trail remaining

  1. Thanks for the updates. I look forward to each one. You amaze me that you can just keep going each day. I can only imagine how beautiful it all looks in person. The weather seems to be good too!



    1. You’ve got it Karl! I’m in Fort Collins right now. Changing oil, tires and hitting up some breweries! Once I head out of here I’m going to really pound though a couple days to get back ahead of ‘schedule’. I am guessing I’m going to want to burn some time in the Tetons and Glacier.


  2. Amazing trip. Treacherous at times. Seems like some areas are cleared pretty good. Great views and it seems the weather is cooperating to make your trip a bit easier. Have people I know in Ft. Collins but by now you’re probable out of there. Have a great trip once you’re all fueled up and new tires. Smooth riding. Very education.


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